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5 Trending Products Great for Promotions

Promotional products are a great way to increase brand recognition and boost marketing efforts. By giving away customised items with a company logo or slogan, organisations can reach their target audience and build brand awareness. Customers and supporters are more likely to remember a company when they have a physical item associated with it. Additionally, the use of promotional products is a great way to reward loyalty and to express appreciation for their business. By investing in promotional products, organisations can leverage the power of brand recognition and develop an effective marketing strategy.

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For organisations looking to promote their brand, do consider these five trending products, all of which can be customised with logos and slogans, providing an effective way to increase brand awareness:

1. Tote bags. Roomy bags that feature a wide bottom gusset and strong handles make wonderful promotional items, Perfect for shopping trips, school, and everyday activities, these bags can be continually reused and are an excellent way to show customers that the company is environmentally conscious. 


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2. Notebooks. A perfectly sized notebook is a wonderful way to showcase your brand. Choose a notebook that looks great and have fantastic features such as an elastic closure band and bookmark ribbon,

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3. Lanyards. Ideal for staff uniforms, lanyards can enjoy plenty of visibility. An excellent way to display a logo or contact information, lanyards are also great for events and exhibitions.


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4. Bottle openers. Metal bottle openers that feature a magnet for easy storage on the fridge, offer a great branding option for your organisation. While small, they can be highly effective when displaying a logo.


 Customise these bottle openers that securely attaches to your fridge for easy access

5. Bucket hats. Headwear are choice among customers and can be designed with the company's logo. A premium heavy brushed cotton bucket hat makes an excellent choice.



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Explore the wide range of hats available for customisation here

By incorporating these five trending products into promotional campaigns this year, you can reach more customers and gain more exposure for your organisation. Contact the BrandPro team today to get started on your branding journey.