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Personalised Products Create Unique Collectors' Items

Creating unique products is a wonderful way to build a collection you’ll cherish for years to come. Personalised products and custom items let you create one-of-a-kind items, making for beautiful keepsakes, family heirlooms, and collection pieces that you and your loved ones will treasure. 

Personalised features for a special touch 

Adding a personalised feature to a gift or the latest addition to your collection helps to create memorabilia that you will continue to cherish. These personalised products will become true collectors’ items. 

Beautiful details that will never be repeated 

By adding custom details, you will become the proud owner of sensational products that will be one of a kind and never repeated, making world-exclusive products that you will love. 

Let’s explore some of the different custom collectables you could create: 

Ceremonial Military Swords and Limited Edition Swords 

The Military Shop is an official Defence Recognised Supplier to the Australian Defence Forces. We understand your requirements, whether you are a serving military member or an astute military collector, you demand unrivalled quality and the finest workmanship in collectables and memorabilia.


The Military Shop, a sister company of BrandPro, works with Windlass Steelcrafts, the premier manufacturer of dress and drill sabres, swords, armour, and accoutrements for the armed forces of the world. 

With options for some of the available ceremonial swords to be customised with limited edition numbers and names, you can create stunning limited edition customised swords for your collection. 



Customised Limited Edition Watches

BrandPro can customise Limited Edition Watches that are individually numbered to provide you with a stunningly unique product for your collection and to pass down through the years. These heirloom pieces with individual numbers offer you the opportunity to own a one-of-its-kind product for your collection.




Custom Medallions

Every medallion is created to an exacting standard using either die-cast zinc alloy or die-struck brass. Each has advantages depending on the medallion design. BrandPro - the custom branding arm of the business you already know as Military Shop, Army Shop, Navy Shop, and Air Force Shop  - can work with you to select the appropriate method so that you achieve the best medallion within your budget to help you create beautiful custom medallions. With options to customise plating, finish, enamel, sandblasting, font, style, presentation, and more, creating unique custom medallions is easy, thanks to an expert team. Order online through

704 Squadron-1

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Personalised Medal Display Frames

Each frame is personalised to reflect the recipient of the medals: an engraved name plate bears their name and rank, service number, and service dates. The Picture Frame option allows a photo mounted along with the swing mounted medals and ribbon bar. The ordering process is quite simple, with easy instructions here.



Customisable 3D Frame & Miniature Figurine Set

 Stunning cold-cast bronze figurines, representing a vast range of diggers from past to present, designed to fit seamlessly with our acrylic frame display stand and 3D object frames, allowing you to create a unique and captivating display for your desk or shelf. Get your Miniature Figurine Stand & 3D Frame here and your choice of miniature figurine here. 2021Mini-Figs_Stand-&-Frame_1200px-1

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With custom creations, you’ll create unique items that will never be repeated. Build a collection that is just for you with personalised products that give you a true collectable. 


Find customisable medallions, limited edition watches, ceremonial swords and other gifts from the Military Shop today. Contact the team to find out more.